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Cannabis experiences, schizotypy and cognition

Dear Participant,

This web-page is co-ordinated by a group of research psychologists based at University of Wollongong. We are interested in how personal experiences and feelings relate to other measures of psychological functioning, personality differences and even brain efficiency. We have conducted and published research in all these areas at different times.

We are interested in collecting information (in confidence) about people's personality, thought processes and experiences they may have had while using cannabis recreationally. The link at the bottom of this page leads to three questionnaires. One questionnaire is a standard personality questionnaire which you may have seen elsewhere. The second is concerned with experiences you may have had while using cannabis. While the third taps into the efficiency of your thought processes in day-to-day life. Please answer honestly, the results will be confidential and the experiences you have had may not be as unusual as you might suppose!

Please complete the questionnaires, answering as honestly as you can. Although there are a few of them they will not take long. Should you have any questions you may contact a member of the team on the email link which will be provided.

You do not have to complete all the questionnaires or tasks at the same time. You can use your email address to log into the questionnaire and tasks on more than one occasion and complete them when it suits you. So use an email address which you can remember and check frequently. The research has been approved by an ethical review committee. The data will be securely stored and treated in full confidence. To show us you are happy to take part we would like you to tick a number of boxes below. We would like to use these questionnaires to recruit for a pharmacological study so please indicate whether you are happy to be provided with more information about it. We will be following up people who return a variety of scores on the questionnaires you will complete. In agreeing to receive the information you are not obligated to take part.

If you have any questions please email:

By continuing you are making a decision to participate.  Your completion indicates that, having read the information provided above, you have decided to participate.

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  • I am happy to be contacted in other studies.
  • I am happy to be contacted about the pharmacological study..  
  • I am happy for my data to be used in similar studies about cannabis use, personality and everyday thinking processes and know I will not be identifiable.
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Participants are not required to answer all modules. Please complete honestly and accurately as this is for academic research. Please use MS Explorer v7+ as your browser.



The on-line laboratory has been optimised for Microsoft Explorer v7- We recommend you take the tests with this browser.

This on-line laboratory is a free service to all academic researchers. Please contact for assistance.

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Jackson, C. J. (2007). Jackson's Online Cognitive Laboratory. Sydney, Australia: Cymeon

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